Spain 2010: Hotel: Les Cols 

The evening before we were to eat at Les Cols restaurant we were staying in the 5 room hotel next door. This architecture concept hotel has won many architecture awards throughout its existence. Highly recommended

Les Cols is a restaurant (two Michelin stars) and hotel next door in Olot, the volcanic landscape about 45 minutes away from Girona.

The hotel has, as mentioned, only 5 rooms and is like no hotel you have ever been to.

The Les Cols concept is to open up the room to feel like you are part of nature. To do this the rooms are very minimalist and mainly made out of glass.


When arriving at Les Cols, who would know what to expect behind these doors. It certainly doesn’t look like a minimalist oasis!

Hotel/ reception entrance

Once you get through the front gates you will find the Les Cols restaurant to your right (more about that in the next post) and the entrance to the hotel on your left. What? You have missed it? Not impossible at all, the photo above shows the entrance to the hotel and the reception, no sign, no nothing 🙂

The reception does not really exist though, when going through the crack you get into a little outbuilding with volcanic ashes on the floor and a little rock counter. You don’t have to sign in, they just take you to your room but only after having asked what you know about the hotel and its rooms….

Just as important as the actual surroundings, for you to understand this place,  is the philosophy. So while walking you to your room, they explain the outdoor, nature, part of all concept. This is a place, not to be entertained, but to cam yourself down 🙂

The "hallway"

Behind the little reception building you enter these walkways, there are 2 of them. One walkway has 2 rooms and the other one 3 rooms linked to it.

Arriving... our room

And this is the room…!! It is a glass cube with only a bed in the middle. Outside your room there is the greenish glass fencing to give you your privacy. Even the ceiling has glass windows.

Just to make this clear… there is nothing else than your bed…


5 minutes after we left to out own devices the receptionist arrived with some welcome cava and coca de San Juan, a specialist bread to celebrate the Catalan national day of San Juan.

The Bathroom

Next door to our bedroom is the bathroom, again made to make you feel part of nature. The first bit is the ceiling shower with pebbles at the floor that throughout the day are kept wet like in the picture, the reflections are amazing. Behind the shower section is the bath, a generous bath of 70 cm. deep that is big enough to house 2.

The turndown service

The little cushions are you seats for the duration of your stay and you can use them to sit on the balcony overlooking your own small private volcanic rock garden. What you might see in this photo as well is that even the floor is glass based and the rock garden continues under the Pavillion. The rocks are watered by an irrigation system several times a day to give you that fresh water smell and different colour schemes of dark wet rocks. At night the rocks are lit up to give another special dimension.


The next morning we were served breakfast in our room and the above is what we got:

Orange Juice, Yoghurt La Fageda, Coffee & Milk

Sweet: Cake pan, Butter, Honey

Jam: Tomato, Orange & Carrot, Pumpkin

Salty: Ca la Nasia toast, tomatos, oil & salt, Farro cheese, Can Japot “Ilangonissa”

Everything we couldn’t finish (after all it was a full cheese and sausage) was collected and when we checked out we were presented with the cheese, salami, a bottle of wine, water and other snacks together with touring routes for us to enjoy a picnic in the lovely countryside.

I have many more photos of the room and hotel but just wanted to give you a little overview of the experience, i think it was pretty special. It is not a hotel to stay in for a week or so, but if you got for dinner at the restaurant this is the place to stay at (that is if you can get a room :-)) Highly recommended


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