Spain 2010: Restaurant 3: Castell d’Emporda

After our first night in Girona we drove to hotel Castell d’Emporda in la Bisbal. The hotel is situated on a big hill with wonderful views of the country side all around. One night we had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Hotel: Recommended, Restaurant: Not recommended

Lying by the pool you have the most amazing views right in front of you. All rooms in the hotel share that same view and even only for that it is worth staying here a couple of nights.

Just outside of the hotel i took this picture, as you can see, we are not the only ones looking for some good food!! 🙂

One of our nights here we decided to have dinner on the terrace in the hotel restaurant. The hotel website mentioned that we had something to look forward to:

“Enjoy the most exquisite meals in the perfect ambiance”


“The press has recognized Castell d’EmpordĂ  as a reference point in local gastronomy, noting that the hotel stands among restaurants in Girona out not only due to its tranquillity, spaciousness, luxury and comfort, but additionally due to its exquisite cuisine”

These are quite some statements, so after all that, and our expectations raised, I must say that the actual dinner we had was a bit of a disappointment, we had:

Amuse bouche Gazpacho

We had gazpacho at most of our dining experiences and to be honest this one was the worst, the flavour didn’t deliver and you can probably even see in the picture that it is very watery.

Marinated tuna sashimi (specialty of the house)

My starter was a tuna sashimi. The sashimi was draped over a very thick crunchy cracker kind of layer which meant that i was eating more cracker than tuna and therefor the dish was not at all what i was expecting. There was so much on top of the tuna that there was little tuna to taste. It looks good though…..

Squid ink coloured risotto with grilled tomato and a scallop

My partner’s starter was a very stodgy and glue like risotto, the scallop, though, was cooked to perfection and was fat and succulent, a triumph.

Three way beef

My main course was a trio of different preparations of beef, including a beef wellington. The pastry around the beef wellington was undercooked and soggy. 2 out of the three pieces of beef were tough and under seasoned. I didn’t finish the dish.

Grilled breast of chicken with scampi and pak choi

My partner’s chicken main course was very dry and not nice to eat at all. She was too polite as she did finish the dish in the end.

Having experienced the above food we decided not to try our luck with desserts or coffee.

It was a real pity that our food was totally below par, maybe we just had bad luck as we noticed that over the days during our stay quite a few locals came to the restaurant for lunch (maybe they just like the views :-))

The hotel bar and restaurant do allow smoking which made it not very nice to be in as there was insufficient (or not at all) ventilation provided.

During our stay here we visited Bo.Tic which is about a 5-10 minute drive away (see previous post) and so much better quality food. In fact the price we paid for the food at Castell d’Emporda was almost as expensive as a tasting menu at Bo.Tic. Restaurant not recommended


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