Spain 2010: Restaurant 2: Bo.Tic (*)

The second day we moved further into the Emporda region staying at Castell d’Emporda about which more in the following post. Just outside of Bisbal d’Emporda there is chef Albert Sastregener i Surroca’s restaurant Bo.Tic.

Bo.Tic is a modern restaurant with only about 8 tables. I must say Bo.Tic was probably one of our favourite restaurants during our Spain trip. Highly recommended!

Bo.Tic only got their Michelin star last year, and you can tell. You can tell because they are still eager….. eager to please (great and friendly service), eager to cook to the best of their ability and eager in general to become better every day. I like that in a restaurant if it is a sincere attitude, and here it is.

We had the tasting menu and started the meal with a gin & tonic aperitif



First to come out were some amazing little snacks, we had a selection of:

  • Parmesan crisp
  • Banana crisp with curry
  • Corn crisp
  • Catalan sausage with bread and tomato
  • Liquid ravioli of Bloody Mary

The crisps were nice, fresh and dry (you’d be surprised at what they sometimes give out) and the Bloody Mary variation was a little flavour explosion. A very nice way to start the meal.

Martini with olives

A modern take on a martini in which the olive is made from a spherification process, a fun little dish that shows the essence of this kitchen, very modern but true in taste.

Mussels with orange and black vermouth

The appetiser was very intense, the liquid around the mussels was very fishy and sea like, it accentuated the mussels natural flavour and elevated  this dish to something special.

Gazpacho with lobster and basil

An amazing take on the original Gazpacho made from tomato essence which was poured at the table. The basil comes in the form of a little sorbet and combines great with the lobster which again has been intensified in flavour.

Strawberries and duck's liver

Wow!! This plate looked amazing and it tasted even better!! A little cup of strawberry mousse filled with different textures of foie gras, who could ask for anything better, I loved it!

Octopus with vichisoise and green apple 1

Octopus with vichisoise and green apple 2

This dish had me in 2 minds, it was a great dish executed perfectly, the smoke definitely added a dimension to this dish but it was a bit over powering. In the chefs defense though, they had to take the dish back to the kitchen as i made a pit stop. This possibly contributed to the smoke slightly overpowering the plate.

Rock-like fish with mushroom cream, mango sauce and szechuan pepper

Being quite a meaty fish this dish benefited from the earthy mushroom and sweet mango balancing act. Perfectly cooked.

Young lamb, albaricoque dry and ewe milk

I loved this dish, the combination of the ewe’s milk with the young lamb 2 ways worked perfectly. The dry apricot just supported the dish

Pineapple and lime soup with passionfruit sorbet and coconut mousse

A great fresh palate cleanser of citrus fruit combinations in different preparations and techniques, a nice display of ability without sacrificing flavour.

Chocolate surprise with Baileys cappuccino

Talking about different textures and preparations…. this was probably one of the nicest chocolate desserts we have ever eaten. Very chocolate but not over powering, from ganache to ice cream to crunch, it had it all.

Petit fours

Finishing of the meal with some coffee, tea and petit fours consisting of some tiramisu, ice lolly a little madeleine and something i cannot remember.

As mentioned earlier, this was a great meal in a very good restaurant, the chef, and staff in general are fairly young and they will go a long way. If they keep on going the way they are currently I wouldn’t be surprised if they would get a second star soon to celebrate the amazing cooking in this restaurant. Highly recommended.


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