Spain trip 2010

This blog is my first…. I will start off with publishing my pictures recently taken on a holiday to the Girona region in Spain. I say holiday, but it really was an eating trip 🙂

It all started off with wanting to go to a nice restaurant on holiday and in the end it ended up eating our way through 10 michelin stars in 10 days!! So yes, it all escalated in unashamedly eating our way through our holiday, and we liked it!

You’ll be glad to hear that in between we also did some cultural stuff, after all we were in the Dali triangle, visited the beach and stayed in an amazing concept hotel…. but more of all that later.

Below you will find a map and description of our general whereabouts while we were away.

The restaurants we visited are:

  1. Restaurant Massana in Girona
  2. Bo.Tic restaurant in CorÇÀ
  3. Restaurant at Castell d’Emporda in Bisbal d’Emporda
  4. Els Tinars in Llagostera
  5. El Celler de Can Roca in Girona
  6. Les Cols in Olot
  7. Mas Pau near Figueres
  8. Miramar in Llançà

I will try and start publishing the restaurant experiences as soon as possible…. hope you will like it!!


About foodietrials

I love my food. I love cooking it, I love eating it.
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